Table 3 Vocabulary Distribution

Nouns Adjectives Verbs Adverbs
Place, , roses, God, heaven, nature, mountains, seа, waves, country, fields, oats, wheat, kinds, things, cattle, heart, rivers, lakes, flowers, sorts, shapes, smells, colours, ditches primroses Whole, wild, beautiful, fine, good, Id love to have, swimming; rushing, going, would do, to see, springing up, even
God, snap, fingers, learning atheists, the cobbles, priest, hell, conscience, person, Universe, sun Afraid, bad saying, wouldnt give, go, create, call, go, wash off, go howling, dying, know, was, made, dont know, do, might, try to stop, rising Often, tomorrow
Sun, day, mouth, kiss, breath, flower, mountain, flowers, womans body, thing, life Table 3 Vocabulary Distribution, pleasure, see, sky Grey, long, true Shines, said, were lying, got to propose, gave, lost, liked, saw, understood, felt, knew, could get round, gave, leading, asked, say, wouldnt answer, looked, thinking, didnt know First, near always, only
Father, captain, sailors, birds old Playing, fly, say stoop, washing up, called
Sentry, governors house, thing, helmet devil, girls, shawls, combs, auctions, Devil, street, fowl market, donkeys, fellows, cloaks, shade, steps, wheels, carts, bulls, castle, years turbans, kings, shop windows, night, boat Poor, vague, big, old, handsome, white, little Roasted, laughing, knows, clucking, slipping, missed Half-asleep
Watchman, lamp, torrent, see, sunsets, gardens, street Table 3 Vocabulary Distribution, houses, rosegardens, girl, flower, mountain, rose, hair, wall, breasts, perfume, heart Serene, awful, deepdown, crimson, glorious, queer, little, pink, blue, yellow Was, put, used, shall Wear, kissed, thought, asked to ask, to say, Put, drew, could feel, going, will sometimes

The analysis of these lexemes reveals the author’s precision when he constructed a word-map to render thoughts of a pleasure-seeking woman. Every word employed in this passage is of common use. Very few words could be regarded as elevated (Serene, glorious, perfume). Only four out of 117 nouns are abstract, 113 are class nouns that name objects and Table 3 Vocabulary Distribution natural phenomena. Such usage of nouns provides a good basis for a detailed description of location, given as a chain of reminiscences. 28 adjectives that render colour and suggest assessment add to this detailed presentation of Molly’s bright and perfumed Paradise. 83 verbs of the passage could be classified as verbs of action, verbs of speaking, and verbs of sense perception. They are used to construct a sort of a narrative chain (Marion recollects how Leopold Bloom proposed to her), a dynamic mental description, and constant Marion’s evaluation of the past events. Present and past participles Table 3 Vocabulary Distribution render the dynamic changes in the stream of recollection, while modal verbs help to present Marion’s assessment of the events and location.

Semantics of the lexemes could be regarded as a set of opposites. The analysis reveals that a Paradise-like scene is described with the help of the lexemes whose kernel semes are those of beauty, pleasure, good and love (parts 1,3,6). These semes are opposed to the semes of indignation (part 2) and “down-to-earthiness” (part 4). Semantics of vocabulary in part 4 renders both dynamic and sleepy atmosphere of Gibraltar.

Thus the analysis at the word level helped to Table 3 Vocabulary Distribution distinguish a number of lexical “devices” that Joyce employed to render the stream of consciousness of a pleasure-seeking woman who recollects best moments of her life.


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